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More Prizes + More Marketing = More Frequent & Satisfied Customers!

Is your bar still waiting for that big breakthrough that never seems to come? Let us help! Once you become a Bar Poker Open Direct Qualifying Venue, you'll immediately see your foot traffic increase, revenues spike, and an overall positive increase in player excitement.

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Yes, I understand that this form is NOT a player registration, and is specifically for league representatives looking to add BPO to their events.

Raise Traffic & Revenue

Gain more frequent attendance, upwards of 20 - 200% every night, from current customers and bring fresh faces to your establishment. What's the annual value of 1 new customer to you? What's the value of 10 new customers? 15? 20? Bring them in, treat them right, and see the immediate return on your promotion.

Low Cost

For just a small event fee, you'll be bringing hundreds of thousands of prize opportunities to your guests every single night. You could add $50+ or more to your nightly prizes and you still wouldn't come close to the value of the BPO Direct Qualifying.


As a part of the Bar Poker Open, your bar is now a part of a National Brand. Your events and venue information will be listed on the BPO website and part of a national marketing campaign. Your events will instantly be on the first page of Google Rankings and you will be able to leverage thousands of players on the bar poker open website daily!

Strength in Numbers

When your low cost is built together with 600+ other venues, like your own, we are creating an economy of scale. This allows you to provide and host an exponentially larger prizes and Championship Events than ever before. Working together, we are stronger, and unlike anything before, we use this as a direct increase in prizes and championships with every event we add!

What you need to know

What does BPO Direct Qualifying mean for your players?

Every single week, 52 weeks out of the year, there is $3,000+ in tournament entries and Vegas vacation packages up for grabs. That, combined with $400,000 in World Championships held last year, is a grand total of $700,000 in annual prizes. The best part, your local players have a legitimate shot at winning their seat or vegas package in 2 Simple Steps!

Step 1

Each poker night you host you will now award a new prize for the TOP 3 finishers. Each will earn a "BPO Token" to participate in the free weekly championships with $7,000 in Tournament Seats and Vegas packages. The more TOP 3's they finish, the more Tokens they win, the more chances they have to qualify for $400,000+ in Annual World Championships and Win Full Vegas Vacations!

Step 2

Players redeem their BPO token to play in our weekly Championship Qualifier against other Token winners. The top 10+ players win a Seat into the upcoming BPO Championship! The weekly online winner ALSO takes home a Championship Travel Package (airfare comp / hotel stay).

That's It!

TOP 3 --> TOP 10+ --> World Championship! No long seasons. No hoops to jump through. Just 2 Steps to $300,000 in Championships!

What is the BPO Super League?

This is an added benefit for all BPO Direct Qualifying Venues with thousands in prizes up for grabs each season! Player can earn invites to the World Championships and the Super League Championships every season!

How it works:

The top 20% of your players each night earn Super League Points. This leaderboard will only include players from within the bar poker league which you are affiliated. At the end of the season, top players will compete in the inter-league online final to play for the bonus prizes. This is a great reward opportunity for the loyal and consistent poker customer encouraging repeat attendance, week after week.

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