In A League All Your Own.


Are you ready to enjoy enormous returns on a tiny investment? If that's the case, join forces with the Bar Poker Open, the ultimate alliance for bar poker leagues. More players will flock to your bars, your bar owners' revenue will soar off the charts, and your league's influence will travel far and wide.

Manager Info
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Yes, I understand that this form is NOT a player registration, and is specifically for league representatives looking to add BPO to their events.

Marketing Benefits

• Your events get listed on the Bar Poker Open Site reaching thousands of players daily.
• Players get immediate access to $600,000 in Annual Prizes.
• Inclusion on all BPO web listings social media ad campaigns.
• First Page search results on all search engines
• Posters, infographics, and creative art available at your fingertips.

League Owner Benefits

• Access to a National Network of League Owners.
• Enhance player experience, build brand loyalty, and spread the league awareness.
• Deepen relationships with venues by growing nightly attendance.
• Turn Key Championship Provider
• Bar Poker Open website and championships fully managed and maintained by Bar Poker Open staff, you just need to post your events and update your results! This gives you more time to focus on strengthening your social relationships with your players!

BPO Direct Qualifiers

• Award the Top 3 players at every event a seat into our weekly championship qualifiers.
• Give them access to #3,000 + in prizes every single week.
• This gives your players a new season, for a massive prize, every single week.

League Leaderboard

• Top 20% of players at each Bar Poker Open Direct Qualifier ear points on your Leagues own "Super League Leaderboard".
• At season's end, the top Super League point earners compete in Inter-League Online Final for championship seats and full travel packages.
• The more direct qualifiers you host, the more players invited to both the Online Final and the BPO Championship.

Player Benefits

• 52 free weekly qualifiers giving away $7,000+ per week in prizes and tournament entries.
• Las Vegas vacation packages up for grabs each week.
• INSTANT "2-Step Qualification" process leading to enormous and immediate prizes.
• Play and Party with over 1,000 fellow bar poker players at season championships!

Low Cost, No Commitment

• No sign-up fees, no hidden costs.
• Just one low, event fee that ban be offset with bar pricing or nightly prizing.

League Testimonials

Leagues Wanted

Early on in running this poker league I realized that it's not the prizes that bring these players out night after night, we actually don't offer any other prizes now besides BPO qualification. It's about human connection and feeling like they're a part of something. These players enjoy seeing each other and we try to curate a perfect environment for them to socialize over some fun competition. Offering the BPO further connects them to like minded people across the USA! The idea of winning a spot at the Vegas game means they get to take an awesome trip with their new poker friends. Good times!

- Kyle Britton, Founder/CEO, KB Kings Poker Company, LLC