You Are One Step Away From $600,000 In Annual Prizes!


Earn A Token At Your Local Bar hosting "BPO Events and bring your friends! Grab a drink, have a meal, play some poker, and finish in the Top 3 to earn a "BPO Token".

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Redeem Your Token Every Sunday 11AM (Eastern Time), you can redeem the tokens you won for access to over $600,000 in Annual Championship Seats and Vacation Packages! With over $8,000 in World Championship Seats and Vacation Package, it's like having a Bar Poker Championship EVERY WEEK!

Redeem Tokens


Earn Your Way With Points

Super league, the Next Best Way to Vegas.

Points System

Collect league points as you play your way through BPO sanctioned games to boost your rankings in the super League standings. Top finishers will be invited to the big shebang.